Becoming a Dog Trainer Series: Talking About Business

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Here is the final article for this week’s series. Now its time to talk about business. How can you start getting clients? Unless you work for a certain company, like Petco for example, you will need to promote yourself. Placing ads on the local newspaper, starting your own Facebook page, creating a website and starting to make videos for You Tube are all ways to put yourself out there. To determine what customers you will best serve, you have to decide on what kind of training you will offer – in-home training, classes, etc.

To start your business you will need some important printed materials like contracts, insurance, handouts on techniques, and so forth. The Dog Trainer’s Business Kit, by Nicole Wild is a great source. It contains lots of information, a behavioral questionnaire, contract forms, and such things you will need to start your business. Additionally, think about what supplies will suit your business model. In most cases, you will need a toolbox of training materials, including collars, treats, interactive toys, clickers, etc.

As I said in the first post of my series, becoming a member of APDT will also help you promote yourself – A lot of people look for trainers on their website.

When you achieve a certain number of hours of training, you can apply for certification. The CCPDT (Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers) is where many trainers look. Visit the website for more information about the test and how to apply. After being approved, you will need to have certain CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for re-certification which is required for professional trainers.

Working with dogs is extremely gratifying, especially if you are a dog lover. Being around these fluffy things all day is something that I could do just for fun, and can you imagine making money! For me, It’s the best job in the world.

I hope this series was helpful in giving you an overall of how to start your own dog training business. So, if you ever dreamed on becoming a dog trainer, now is the time! Good luck!

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