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Is Your Dog Suffering From “Separation Anxiety”? | The Doggy World

Is Your Dog Suffering From “Separation Anxiety”?

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dogsssIt is wonderful to have a dog that adores his owner; however, he may become very dependent and suffer each time he is left alone. Often called “separation anxiety,” the most common symptoms exhibited include lethargy, refusing to eat and play, moping around the house, howling incessantly, peeing in the owner’s bed, or scratching the door until hurting their paws.

One important step to avoiding separation anxiety is to get the dog used to not following you around all the time. Thus, when the separation is required, our absence will be more readily accepted by him. To promote some independence, avoid calling the dog when he is out of your view. For example, leave it to explore around the house and don’t give him attention whatever he wants it. That does not mean you should not give attention and affection to the dog. Simply ignore some requests for affection and don’t be at his beck and call.

Training the dog:  Leave him alone and come back while he is still calm. Gradually, increase the periods of time he spends alone.

In truth, the separation anxiety issue sometimes comes from the owner.  An anxious owner can Shop Dog.comincrease the anxiety of the dog and make the owner feel bad or guilty at the same time. As a habit, leave the house quietly and without fanfare.  When leaving home, just “ignore” the dog, or at least downplay the event of your leaving. Similarly, when you come back home, instead of celebrating your return with much excitement, it is best to ignore the dog somewhat, even though it is not always easy. Leave the excitement and attention until after he has calmed down.

Your dog associates locations, smells and objects that are connected to you, and to your presence. When you leave, let him have access to the bedroom, or any other environment where you often spend time. If that isn’t possible, give the animal a place that he associates with you.  That means spending some time with him there when you are home, not just when you leave.  Also, give him some favorite toys and even some items of clothing that smell of familiar people.

Being social animals, dogs needs company. If he is often left alone, considering providing him with some permanent company.  A second dog can do much to alleviating loneliness.  Alternately, a dog left alone can occupy his time with treats hidden in certain places or a bone or toy with a treat hidden inside.

Ultimately, success at reducing separation anxiety can be a challenge, but the reward is peaceful times when you are not at home.

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