10 Rules for Good Dog Training

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Dog Training1. If you are in a bad mood or irritated at someone, don’t train your dog. It will be too tempting to take it out on your dog.

2. If your dog is too full of energy to concentrate, exercise him before training.

3. Make sure your dog is hungry when you start training.

4. If you feel yourself losing your temper, stop training.

5. Read your dog carefully so you know when he is becoming stressed. Signs of stress might be looking away from you, par- tially closing his eyes, a droopy tail, lips pressed tightly together, and trying to get away from you. If you see these signs, back up and make the exercise easier.

6. If you are having trouble with one part of the training, move on to something else and come back to the trouble spot later.

7. Be more stubborn than your dog is.

8. Be 100 percent sure that your dog understands what you want before assuming he is choosing not to obey you.

9. Pay as much attention to your dog as you expect him to pay to you.

10. Always end your practice session by playing with your dog for a few minutes.

From: Making Friends: Training Your Dog Positively

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