Becoming a Dog Trainer Series: Following Your Passion

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Have you ever thought about switching your actual job to a pet related career in the pet industry business like dog training, grooming or dog walking? If you answered yes, I’m sure there are lots of questions rolling around your head and that’s the purpose of these post, or better, this series which I’m starting today, with a total of 5 posts related to the dog training business.

For those who don’t know me I’m Patty Vieira, dog trainer since 2007. Before I started in the business I also had a lot of questions like: Where should I start? What’s the best education and where should I look for it? How much money can I make? Is it worth?

I will try to answer those questions and I hope it will be helpful and encourage you to follow your dreams.

Today I will talk about the profession of dog trainer. Being a dog lover is not the only requisite to become a trainer, you will also need to enjoy working with people. You are going to deal with lots of different owners (and I’ll tell ya, some of them are a real pain, lol). Nobody likes when you tell them that they are doing something wrong, but I don’t think they are wrong at all, they just didn’t have the knowledge to act in the right way and that’s what I tell them. Knowing how to talk to people is a skill that you will acquire with lots of experience.

The market in the dog training business is growing, and everyday there are people everywhere leaving their regular jobs and investing in the pet industry. So, for me it could not be a better time to become a trainer.

Also, with the success of the famous tv shows, people want their dogs to behave, and they are really hiring more trainers, because even with the aid of the celebrities trainers, some people don’t have the patience or time to train their own dog.

Now, let’s get down to business. In tomorrow’s post, I will start talking about education. How to get started, which schools are the best ones, and so forth. So stay tuned!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at, or at Facebook, or leave me a comment below.

Talk to you tomorrow!

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