High-Energy Dog Breeds

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Many high-energy dogs like hounds, terriers, and herding dogs, that originally was bred as working breeds, now live as companion pets.

Most of the canine behavior problems can be solved or prevented by understanding your dog’s history and origin, and then providing the dog with appropriate and adequate mental and physical stimulation.

According to Tracy Libby, author of the book High-Energy Dogs these are the highest-energy breeds.

Just remembering that it is just a general guideline, and each dog should be taken on its individual merit and behavior.

Breed Originally Bred for Trainability Active Level
1.American Staffordshire Terrier Bull-batiting Average High
2.Australian Sheperd Herding High High to Very High
3.Australian Cattle Dog Herding High High to Very High
4.Basenji Hunting High High to Very High
5.Border Collie Herding High Very High
6.German Shorthaired Pointer Herding High Very High
7.German Shepherd Dog Herding High High
8.Golden retriever Retrieving water fowl & upland game High Moderate to High
9.Labrador Retriever Retrieving game High High
10.Parson and Jack Russel Terrier Fox Hunting High Very High
11.Schnauzer (miniature) Ratter High High to Very High
12.Shetland Sheepdog All-purpose dog High High to Very High
13.Siberian Husky Endurance sled dog Low Very High

From:High-Energy Dogs: A Practical Guide to Living With Energetic and Driven Canines


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